An homage to the iconic raw masculinity of James Dean, and an ode to the classic rebellious nature of muscle cars. Finally a photoshoot with a sexy car! Not just any car, a gorgeous 1972 Cuda. My good buddy Ravi has been wanting to do this concept since last year. His wife, Fatima, has been one of my biggest supporters and graciously volunteered to model alongside her husband.


The hardest part was finding a location. The idea was to park the car in the middle of the road and pray for no traffic. We lucked out and found a dead end road in the middle of Surrey that was surrounded by grass fields. 

A new technique I have been trying out is photographing an entire session in black and white. I shoot in RAW so I can decide if I want to add colour in post, but all I see on my viewfinder is B/W. The added bonus is that every photo looks like the final edited shot right off the back of the camera. This method has changed the way I shoot entirely. It helps me concentrate on composition, contrast, and lighting, and less on the warmth or hues of a shot. I first tried it on a trip to Oregon and LOVED how much character and story it brought to my photographs (I'll post images of that trip in a future post). **Updated: OREGON TRAIL**

Black and white photography has lost it's grandeur and charm in this day and age where we can flip between filters so frivolously. I challenge you, next time you have a 'real' camera in your hands, turn it to black and white and don't go back!

Til' Later,